Narrative art is visual art that tells a story. It manifests itself in every kind of medium, in every culture, in every form that you can imagine.

Don Bacigalupi
Founding President, Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Narrative art is art that tells—or narrates—a story through imagery. The power of a story is in how and what it makes us feel. Images ignite imagination, evoke emotions and capture universal cultural truths and aspirations. We think you will see a bit of yourself in the collection—even in stories from long ago or depictions of worlds in the distant future.

Storytelling takes many forms: oral, written, performed and visual. When you visit the Lucas Museum you will explore how storytelling functions within the visual arts. The Museum will allow you to explore narrative art from two distinct perspectives: from the maker’s perspective, as we explore how storytelling artists create impact in visual form; and from the viewer’s perspective, understanding and celebrating the successes of these narrative art works.

Narrative art is as old as humanity. Some of the oldest examples of art tell the stories of heroes, gods, rulers and legends of times past. Storytelling is central to the history of visual art across nearly every culture and time period in human history.

By presenting a broad range of media, the Museum will bring to light how storytelling works in various art forms and various times and places. So, when you visit the Lucas Museum, you may see a 19th-century European painting alongside a 21st-century original Manga drawing—both bona fide works of narrative art. We invite art lovers of many different genres and of many different backgrounds to mingle. Works of vastly different types will co-exist in our galleries for comparison, contemplation and discussion.

At the Lucas Museum, we collect and preserve these narrative art forms for current and future generations, using the same high collecting and conservation standards as other great museums around the world.

Two Sides to Every Story

Understanding art is a process, just as creating art is a process. With our collections, programs and exhibitions, we aim to engage you not only in the stories, but in the ways artists convey them. Take a journey of understanding to help you see the artist’s process and perspective. You may also be the creator of your own stories—so we’ll provide plenty of hands-on art making activities.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art