Visiting the Lucas Museum will be an exciting and interactive experience—one to share with those around you. We are uniquely positioned to bring people together to share and appreciate the power of visual storytelling, in all times and places.

The Lucas Museum will work in close cooperation with local agencies, community groups and other institutions to make education at the Museum accessible to the entire community.

We’ll offer a wide range of workshops and classes, for people of all ages:

  • You, the visitor
  • School children
  • Families with children
  • Teenagers & college/university students
  • Teachers, educators and academics
  • Early-stage artists and filmmakers

We will offer astounding facilities for our workshops, lectures and classes:

  • State-of-the-art cinematic theaters
  • Production-quality editing
  • Digital and analog classrooms
  • Lecture halls of various sizes
  • Video conferencing for guest lectures and workshops
  • Library
  • Hands-on workshop studios for children

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art