The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art broke ground in March 2018 and is under construction in Los Angeles's Exposition Park. Our partnership with general contractor Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company is helping us achieve our vision to build an iconic and inspiring 21st century cultural destination.

Visit our construction website to learn more about how to take part in our construction process, including subcontract business opportunities, bids, local hiring, and upcoming business outreach events.

Construction workers on the Lucas Museum site

We are deeply committed to working with diverse enterprises including small businesses, and women-, minority-, and veteran-owned businesses. We are a labor-friendly project that provides jobs to workers who belong to local unions, while also encouraging construction employment and training opportunities for local and disadvantaged residents in Los Angeles. Approximately 60% of the museum's construction workforce lives in LA County.

Hear from local construction workers Aldo Garcia, Darlene Burton, and Anthony Simpkins below.