February 9, 2023

The headlines that make breaking news in the art world most often concern a piece’s financial worth, which nearly always means how much a private collector paid for it. But for most of us, the value of art has very little to do with a dollar amount. Rather, art provides an avenue to a diverse range of critical discussions, evokes a feeling or a memory, helps us process deep emotions, or calls us to action—and the stronger the response, the higher the value. Where do these economic and non-monetary forms of value meet? How can art world movers and shakers—artists, curators, museum professionals, and nonprofits— continue to leverage the money and attention around blue chip artists into support for social change and community building? And what larger, deeper questions posed by art does our obsession with skyrocketing price tags obscure?

Panel discussion with contemporary artist and activist Andrea Bowers and artist, cultural organizer, and co-founder of Meztli Projects Joel Garcia.

Presented in partnership with Zocalo Public Square, NeueHouse, and KCRW

Moderated by Helen Molesworth, writer and curator